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We know how much time, effort, and excitement has gone into planning your dream wedding. So, if you've had to suddenly change your wedding date due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we totally understand the disappointment and frustration you may be feeling right now.

First of all, we're here to tell you that it is perfectly normal to feel the way you're feeling. Actually, we encourage it. You've been looking forward to your big day for quite some time now, and to have something come out of nowhere and get in the way of that...well, it sucks. We know. If you're sad and angry, there's no need to hide that. We encourage you to embrace the feelings you have, and do whatever, and say whatever, makes you feel better. 

Before worrying about dealing with your family members, guests, or vendors, we want you to worry about yourself. Here are some self-care practices to get you through this time: 

1. Take some deep breaths

Take a five-minute break and focus on your breathing. Close your eyes, breathe in from your nose, and out from your mouth (aaaaahhhhhh). This is actually proven to combat stress and slow down your heart rate. 


 2. Eat your heart out 

Look on the bright side- you earned yourself some extra time before you start stressing over your wedding diet. If you feel like ordering a pie of pizza and splitting a bottle of wine with your loved one, do it and don't feel guilty about it either. For dessert, feel free to sit on your couch with a pint of your favorite ice cream flavor too (Van Leeuwen is shipping nationwide, by the way). You earned it. 


 3. Let it out

Remember- you are not alone in this. You and your partner should be openly communicating your feelings to one another. Reach out to your family, your best friends, or whoever your heart desires. Not only does it feel great to vent, but it feels even better to know that you have people in your life who love and support you. 

When you're ready, be sure to contact your vendors and guests. We're confident that during this time, everyone will be extremely understanding and supportive. 

Most importantly, we want to remind you to look at the big picture. We know you're disappointed right now, but keep in mind that you've found the person you want to marry, and no virus or wedding date postponement can change that. Continue to enjoy your engagement- cook your favorite meal together, take a walk to somewhere meaningful (maybe where you had your first date, or where you got engaged), and remember that you're lucky to have found love.

Whenever and wherever your wedding takes place, it will be a beautiful and memorable day, surrounded by love. Until then, be sure to embrace the little things and enjoy your engagement with the one you love.