Marke New York FAQs

How long can I hold on to my Home Try-On Kit for?

We kindly request you return your Kit using your prepaid USPS return label within 7 days of receiving it. We do understand that things happen. So if you need a little longer with the Kit, just let us know and a team member can grant you an extension.

What happens if I don't return my Kit?

To cover the replacement cost of your Kit, we do need to charge $495 to your original payment method. 

I noticed Marke offers 10k, 14k, and 18k gold options. What's the difference?

To keep it simple, 14k Gold is 58.3% of actual pure gold, with the other part being a mixture of other precious metals. Meanwhile, 18k Gold consists of 75% pure gold. For a few reasons, 14k is slightly more durable than 18k, making it the better choice for those with very active lifestyles. However, 18k does retain a more vibrant and richer color of gold than 14k typically does. For a more elaborate answer, check out our blog post on this.

Why should I go with gold or platinum over some of the new, alternative metal bands?

Our advice: stick with precious metals!  It's a wise investment because, unlike alternative metals like aluminum or carbon fiber, it's value actually increases over time. For quick reference, the price of gold has gone up by 75% over the past 2 years :) 

Aside for the value, you’ll see the difference in color, feel the difference in weight on your finger, and never (ever!) have to worry about tarnishing or durability. 

I want the Home Try-On Kit. Is there a charge for it?

Nope. The $99 is a deposit which we hold on to until you ship the Kit back to us. As soon as we receive it back, the charge (+ any collected taxes) is automatically refunded to the original payment method. We do charge a non-refundable $9.95 (includes return service) to cover the shipping cost of your Kit.  We'll only charge your card for a further amount if you don't return your Kit. As per Marke policy, we do need to charge $495 to your original payment method in order to cover the cost of your Kit if it's not returned.

Why do our prices change?

Our pricing fluctuates weekly based on the precious metals market.

I’m a little lost. Can you guide me through this process?

Absolutely.  Check out our Guide - it breaks everything down in black and white for you.  If you still need a hand, we’re here for you. Shoot us a note at or check out our Live Chat on the homepage, and we’ll take it from there.

How should I care for my ring?

One of the perks of going for a real gold or platinum ring as opposed to some alternative metals: our gold bands are made to last and don’t need much looking after. The only time we recommend removing it is for serious manual labor or weightlifting.

What if my ring doesn’t fit?

If you aren’t sure of your finger size, we encourage you to order our risk-free Home Try-On kit. There’s a finger sizer enclosed that will help you make sure to order the correct size, and a bunch of our sample bands are engraved with it's finger size inside the ring. In the event your ring (still) doesn't fit, we offer resizes and exchanges for Marke customers. Further details can be found at our Shipping & Returns Page.

What if I need to return my ring?

In the event you’d like to request a return, please email us at with your Order Number and Reason for Return. Further details can be found at our Shipping & Returns Page.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do - via Affirm or Shopify Pay. In your checkout process, selecting the Affirm or Shop Pay icon will allow you to proceed with it as your payment method.