Our Manufacturing

We opened up our Bryant Park factory back in 1987. We decided on New York City because it had the most skilled jewelers in the US. Still does. And then we found the perfect building.

The Factory

We wanted to handle every step in the jewelry making process ourselves, from design to final polish. Making jewelry requires some heavy machinery, so we needed a building with reinforced floors that could handle the weight. Fortunately, our factory sits in The Bar Building and was originally built to house The Bar’s library. Lawyers would come to pull books for their upcoming cases. Students would use it to study for The Bar. And each floor is quadruple steel reinforced, perfect for heavy machinery. We’ve been making rings ever since. Here’s how we do it:

Step 1. Design

Once you submit an order, the design is sent to our CAD (computer aided design) Team. They digitally render the band to your size and style and 3D print a wax model.

Then they inspect every surface for accuracy and quality.

Step 2. Gold Casting

The approved wax model is then sent over to our Casting Team. They create a cast of the wax model and then melt the wax, leaving a hollow ring mold, which they fill with liquid hot gold.

The gold cast is left in the oven to heat and harden overnight.

Step 3. Jewelry Shaping

When the gold or platinum cast comes out of the oven, it has a rough surface. It’s sent over to our Jewelers who smooth and shape the cast to your specific style and size.

Imagine a bartender shaping a block ice-cube into a perfect circle. It leaves this stage looking like a wedding band.

Step 4. Engraving

Our Jewelers then add the correct metal fineness stamp, and get to work on your custom engraving.

We use a high powered laser engraver instead of a hand engraver. It’s more precise and makes higher-quality cuts.

Step 5. Final Polish

Polishers put on the finishing touches, fulfill any special finishes, and then pass the wedding band over to our Inspection Team for final inspection, packaging and delivery.