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Restore is a full refurbishment of your Marke wedding band.  Like any precious metal, gold is subject to (totally normal) wear and tear from daily activities at work or at home.  Restore will bring back that fresh and original condition your band was in the box.  Imagine bringing your worn in tuxedo shoes to a shoemaker, a full detailing of your car, or your dog to the groomer.  Restore includes:

Deep Polish

Brushes out surface level nicks, scratches, dents and other imperfections.


Whether you’ve got the polished or matte finish, you can expect the exterior looking brand spankin' new.


If you have custom engraving, we’ll sharpen those grooves to new and crisp condition.

Deep Clean

Removal of any unwanted elements or body oils, and scrubs your band to perfect shine and luster.


*addition of custom engraving is also available for an additional fee

On top of the Restore service, you’ll also get a new Marke ring box for safekeeping.

The $79 fee includes insured round trip USPS shipping.  After checkout, you’ll automatically be emailed a shipping label, which you can affix to any sealed envelope or a small box.

Please allow 6-7 business days from receipt to ship your Restored Marke wedding band back to you.

Monthly payments via

The finest gold

We only work with the highest quality 14k gold made to last a lifetime—never alternative metals.


Handmade in NYC

Our facility and craftsmen adhere to the highest standards for quality, ethical practices, and responsible sourcing.  

Make it yours

We specialize in custom engravings—add a personal touch to our classic styles.

Add for $50

Our Home Try On Kit

Find your style, width, and size at home. We’ll send you sample bands to try out and cover the cost of shipping both ways.

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