Marke Home Try-On Kit
Marke Home Try-On Kit
Marke Home Try-On Kit
Marke Home Try-On Kit
Marke Home Try-On Kit

Marke Home Try-On Kit

Don't feel like dragging yourselves to a stuffy jewelry store, can't figure out your finger size, or just not sure which Marke wedding band to go with?  The Home Try-On kit will clear things up for you without leaving home.  Take a week to try on sample rings - replicas of our Marke gold wedding bands - in each of our styles, widths, colors and finishes.  We’ll handle shipping both ways, include a return label in your package (isn't that the best?), and throw in a finger sizer for good measure.  Not included: pushy salesperson :)

Please allow a processing time of 1-2 business days before shipment of all Home Try-On kits.

Your $99 deposit will be automatically refunded within 48 hours of your Home Try-On return 💰

Sizing pro-tip: Have a peek inside some of the ring samples - a bunch have its Marke finger size engraved inside the ring. If a particular size fits great, feel comfortable ordering it at checkout 👀 

The Marke Home Try-On kit is designed to represent each possible Style, Width, Color, and Finish available in Marke’s signature collection so that you can visualize your ideal wedding band before ordering. If you have any specific requests (ex. "I'm only interested in yellow gold", or "Only show me the Classic style"), please submit them to after placing your order.  Be sure to include your Order Number, and we'll do our absolute best to accommodate :)

Step 1:
Find your style and fit at home

Get a feel for each of our three widths in our two styles. Then measure your ring finger with the enclosed Finger Sizer–it should feel snug and comfortable, but not constricting.

Step 2:
Order your Marke online

Once you’ve found your width, style, and finger size, refer back to to select your color and any customizations online before finalizing your order.

Step 3:
Return the rings within 7 days

You'll find a prepaid label in the box to ship the rings back, and we'll refund your deposit as soon as we receive it. Feel free to keep the ring sizer.

The Guide

Your wedding band is one of the only purchases that will outlast the wedding day. We’ve gathered everything you need to know about selecting, ordering, and wearing your wedding band right here.

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