Step 1


Once you submit an order, the design is sent to our CAD (computer aided design) Team to digitally render the band to your size and style and 3D print a wax model, which we inspect every surface for accuracy and quality.

Step 2

Gold Casting

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Step 3


When the gold or platinum cast comes out of the oven, it has a rough surface. It’s sent over to our Jewelers who smooth and shape the cast to your specific style and size.

Step 4


Our Jewelers then add the correct metal fineness stamp, and get to work on your custom engraving using a high powered laser engraver for its precision and higher-quality cuts.

Step 5

Final Polish

Polishers put on the finishing touches, fulfill any special finishes, and then pass the wedding band over to our Inspection Team for final inspection, packaging and delivery.

Step 6

Delivered to you

After inspection, we packag and send your ring to your door step.