Our Story

Growing up in a family of ringmakers has taught us a few things about commitment. We started Marke because we see wedding bands differently, and think it’s time we all do too.

Wedding bands are undervalued.

They get tossed on a to-do list next to the venue, invitations, and flowers — but they’re the only purchase that outlasts the wedding day.

We created Marke to give couples the guidance and resources they need to find and customize a wedding band they’ll want to wear every day.

There are no rules to this thing.

Unlike engagement rings, wedding bands don’t have an army of bloggers breaking down the do’s and dont's.

That’s what we’re here for. Talk to us about your tastes and we’ll steer you to a band and customization that fits. If you have any other questions about wedding prep, we’ll do our best to help with that too.

There is no substitute for gold or platinum.

Our advice: stick with gold and platinum! It's a wise investment because, unlike alternative metals like titanium, aluminum or carbon fiber, it's value actually increases over time.

You’ll see the difference in color, feel the difference in weight on your finger, and never (ever!) have to worry about tarnishing or durability.

We’re old-school about quality and use only responsibly sourced, RJC Certified gold and platinum.