Our Story

THE BEGINNINGS Marke was started by three siblings—kids raised in New York by one of the oldest jewelry-makers in the city.

Red carpets. Royalty. They've done it all.

Dan, Ben, and Laura grew up around jewelry. Their father built a jewelry business in New York City, and grew it into one of the best in the industry, manufacturing some of the world’s finest pieces right in their Manhattan headquarters. Red carpets. Royalty. They’ve done it all.

One by one, the siblings graduated from school and joined the family line of work. And they saw a huge opportunity— because these days, jewelry is mostly made for women. It’s especially true of wedding rings, which are all too often just an afterthought amid the millions of other big day decisions. But from the highest-end custom pieces to the shops at the mall, the brothers couldn’t find a single jewelry-buying experience where guys could simply shop for something nice.

That’s why they founded Marke. They wanted to make fine jewelry for men. Simple styles, heirloom-quality metals, and a shopping experience that’s easy, even enjoyable. They started with men’s wedding bands, in just a few styles, but the collection grew quickly. So did the audience.


Same steadfast style. Even more options.

In 2022, the siblings met Andrew, Co-Founder and CEO of The Black Tux. He’d been looking for a good jewelry partner. When he found Marke, he liked the business so much, he wanted to partner with them forever, and help turn Marke into a market leader in high-quality men’s jewelry. So within months, the company officially joined The Black Tux family.

Now, Andrew’s team is expanding the Marke offerings to include even more jewelry options for men—neck chains, cufflinks, bracelets—all still made with the same lasting quality and great style.