The Guide

Our simple, step-by-step process for finding and customizing a quality wedding band you’ll actually want to wear.

Step 1. The right headspace

Wedding planning is crazy - we’ve been there. But your wedding band is one of the only purchases that's going to outlast all the other items on your checklist. Take a moment to think past the wedding day. You'll want to keep this forever.

Step 2. Style Choice

The Groom's Collection consists of two styles: Classic and Flat. Classic is the traditional choice. It’s smooth all the way around and curves to fit your finger seamlessly. The Flat is a sharper, more contemporary look and feel with a clear-cut edge and no-dome profile.

The Bride's Collection contains Classic and Diamond styles. The Classic is the perfectly delicate match with the Groom's Classic, while the Diamond styles are our new brilliant & glittery iterations.

Step 3. Metal Choice

Personal preference here! If you don’t immediately have a preference, here are some questions to consider:

—What color goes best with your skin-tone?

—What color would go best with the clothes you usually wear?

—What color would go best with your wedding attire?

Also keep in mind, platinum will weigh heavier on the hand and keep its shine longer!

Still not sure? Check out the difference between our gold options over here.

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Step 4.
Width Choice

Width refers to the actual wideness of the band. The Bride's Classic widths are 1.5, 2.0, and 2.5mm respectively. The Groom's widths range from 3.0-6.0mm.

If you aren't sure, the easiest way to try out a few different widths is with the Marke Home Try-On Kit.

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Step 5.
Matte or Polish?

Matte finished bands are only available online for the Groom's Collection. If you'd like to matte finish a Bride's band, shoot us an email and we'll see what we can do. Think of this like the paint job on a car. Most have a shiny, polished finish. But some have matte paint jobs. Matte will take out the shine and work harder to hide scratches.

Sample bands are engraved with finger size

Step 6.

Don't know your finger size? All Home Try-On Kits come with samples bands that are engraved with their finger sizes. They also all fit true to size, so you can feel comfortable ordering a Bride band in the same size as your engagement ring.

Quick tips:

1.  If you're in between on sizes, size up.  You're always better off slightly big than too small when it comes to wedding bands.

2. Measure your fingers at the end of the day, when they're at their largest.

3. Cold weather can shrink your fingers up to 1/2 size, so make sure they're warm and fuzzy.

Step 7.

This is your chance to add something to the inside of the band that only you and your partner will know about. Some add a wedding date, name, or a message. Others just have fun with it. Up to you.

Looking for engraving inspo? Check out the Engraving Ideas highlight on our @markenewyork IG.

Shown: Groom's Classic Wide, 14k Rose Gold

Step 8.

It will take 5-7 days to craft and ship your band. We recommend ordering the band at least a month before the wedding, just for peace of mind.

Shown: Bride's Classic Mid, Platinum

Step 9.
Wedding Bands on Wedding Day

We deliver each wedding band in a Marke Wedding Band Pouch. Congrats!

Step 10.
Caring for the band

All done. Our bands are made to last and don’t need much looking after. The only time we recommend removing it for serious manual labor.