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White Gold Signet Ring, Square Brush Top - Polished

White Gold Signet Ring, Square Brush Top - Polished

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It's been about six thousand years since men started wearing signet rings, but they haven't improved on this white gold signet ring. Crafted with a square top with a brushed finish and a high-polish shine around the band, personalize with engraving to create your custom signet ring.

  • Ships for FREE in 10-12 business days
  • 100% Recycled, conflict-free, ethically sourced


  • Avg. Approximate Weight: 15.26 grams
  • Approx. Shank Base Thickness: 1.91
  • Approx. Shank Base Width: 3.7
  • Approx. Length: 14 mm
  • Approx. Width: 14 mm
  • Plating Type: Rhodium-Plated
  • Metal Detail: Gold is alloyed with other metals for added strength and durability. 10k gold contains 41.7% pure gold, 14k gold contains 58.3% pure gold, and 18k gold contains 75% pure gold. All precious metals show wear over time, including gold


This number tells you the purity of the gold.

  • 10k gold is 41.7% pure gold (58.3% being a mixture of other alloys).
  • 14k gold is 58.3% pure gold (41.7% being a mixture of other alloys).
  • 18k gold is 75% pure gold (25% being a mixture of other alloys).

For a few reasons, 14k gold is slightly more durable than 18k, making it the better choice for those with an active lifestyle. However 18k gold goes retain a more vibrant color than 14k typically does.

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